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And that's how it should be anyway. Great tune.

Epic! If only Route 1 was as awesome as this...

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Hilarious! But the tags are a tad revealing of the plot. Just a tad.

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Pretty solid. But the music...
MMMHHHHHH! Dat loop!

The expert badge is too easily attainable. It should be about getting a certain score on a difficult song.

It's a good idea, but it needs a set list of songs with this feature as an added option. It's also un-eventful, there's parts of the game where there's just a lot of waiting even when the music is playing. It's a good work in progress, but it still needs a lot of work.

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bl33t responds:

Thanks for your response, I did try to be a bit different to existing games as well as minimise the game file size. I thought of this submission as a tool/utility for users to have their own experience. Also the un-eventfulness is being fixed now. Cheers

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Just nix the clicking that sounds like electricity arcing.

Karmakosm responds:

I recorded some of those drums or most of them myself. I think the one you're hearing is an Ignitor for a blow torch, so you may be right...

Sounds like it could be a song for a town in pokemon, but seriously. Good job on the production; the sound is clean and the main riff is intuitive and played off of well.

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Love every aspect of the song, but I couldn't help but think of how it would sound with heavier vocals.

Schleif responds:

i was going for a slightly 'softer' approach with this one, not as thrashy and aggressive as my usual stuff. i kind of see your point though. thanks a lot for the review, i'm really glad you liked it!

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